Investment opportunities



A projected investment in Chile’s mining sector from 2012-2020 has been raised again, after government officials predicted an amount between US$67 and 91.5 billion for the period. That figure, which represented an increase of 37 percent from the government’s last biannual projection, was hailed as a reflection of historic investor confidence and an indication of further development in one of Latin America’s most prosperous economies.

“This increase of 37 percent for the next eight-year period clearly reflects the confidence that investors have in Chile and will mean more opportunities for the well-being of the population, because mining is the motor of national development,” Chile’s Mining Minister Hernán de Solminihac said.

Food Industry

Chile accounts for nearly 60 percent of Southern Hemisphere exports. The growing demand for healthy foods has been key to the worldwide expansion of Chilean fresh fruit exports. Stringent consumer standards have prompted the industry to place a premium on technology innovations that ensure continued competitiveness.


The country’s projected economic growth implies increased demand for electricity which is forecast to rise by around 5% a year through to 2020, creating opportunities for investment in generation and transmission.

In the beginning of 2016, Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile, signed off on a new energy strategy, which sets a goal of generating 70% of national electricity generation from renewable sources by 2050.

The new mission, titled “Energy 2050,” was signed by President Bachelet and other top members of the Chilean government, including Minister of Energy Maximo Pacheco and Interior Minister Jorge Burgos.


Concessions projects in public works, including highways, ports and railways, represent a total potential investment of US $7,900 million.

Source: Foreign Investment Committee, published May 2013
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