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Revolutionary Women– Blazing a Trail, Leading the Pack

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Revolutionary Women– Blazing a Trail, Leading the Pack
Wednesday, January 29th, 2020
5:00-7:00 PM
The Museum of the American Revolution 

Join the international business community for a program featuring global female executive leaders. Speakers will discuss their vision, and chronicle their rise to the top, showcasing the positive change they are promoting throughout the world in their respective industries. The seminar will educate participants about the waves of change the presenters are advocating, and the exciting paths they are blazing.  It is an ideal time for a forum about leading women spearheading international enterprise and change. The program will include c-suite global multinational executives as well as future leaders across industry sectors who will discuss their paths to success, stumbling blocks and solutions, and their positive influence on gender diversity and inclusion.

CACC Member Ticket: $65
CACC Non-Member Ticket: $85

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Debbie Epstein Henry, Founder, DEH Consulting, Speaking, Writing; Co-Founder, Bliss Lawyers


Jami Winz McKeon, Partner and Chair of the Firm, Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP
Julie Coker, President & CEO, Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau
Deborah Driscoll, MD, Senior VP for the Clinical Practices of the University of Pennsylvania (CPUP)
Bethany Edwards, Co-Founder & CEO, LIA Diagnostics
Vanessa Z. Chan, Ph.D., Brassington Professor of Practice at Penn Engineering, Board Member and Angel Investor

2019 Annual Fresh Fruit Workshop

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Friday December 13, 2019
9:00-11:00 AM Program

Independence Seaport Museum
211 S. Columbus Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19106

CACC Members: Free
CACC Non-Members: $25

Join colleagues, port representatives, and government officials to participate in an interactive experience reviewing the trade, technical, legal, regulatory, and business issues affecting the import of Chilean fresh fruit into the Delaware Valley region.


John Ercolani 
J&K Fresh East


Ed Fitzgerald 
Senior Director of Trade Services, GEODIS USA, Inc.

Lisa Himber
Vice President, Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay

Evan Moss 

Senior Director, Perishables, J&K Fresh East

Frank Mowatt
Assistant Officer in Charge, Philadelphia USDA AMS Inspection Office

Elliot Ortiz
Chief Agriculture Specialist , Area Port of Philadelphia, U.S. Customs and Border Protection

Kurt Reichert
Fumigation Director, Western Fumigation

William Spence 
Officer in Charge, USDA Animal Plant Health Inspection Agency – Plant Protection & Quarantine

Russell Vandermark
FDA Investigator, U.S. Food & Drug Administration

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For more information, please contact Christina Lista at 215-790-3627 or [email protected].

ChileTech@PHL: Globalizing Digital Transformation Through Nearshoring Recap

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

The Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce was pleased to welcome back Chile: a Digital Country (Ch1l3) to Philadelphia for ChileTech@PHL: Globalizing Digital Transformation Through Nearshoring, the second installment of programming on November 19th.  The breakfast program kicked off with networking as guests helped themselves to continental breakfast.

Benjamin Leavenworth, Consul of Chile in Philadelphia, opened the program by welcoming all to Philadelphia on behalf of Chile. He then welcomed Cindy Leavitt, Vice President of Information Technology Services and CIO at Temple University to the podium to formally welcome the Delegation on behalf of Temple University. Leavenworth then retook the podium and thanked the delegation for being courageous and trying something new by “getting on that plane” to the United States.

Leavenworth acknowledged special guests who included Peter Longstreth, the Honorary Consul of Uruguay, Marichu Meyer with ProChile, Keynote Speaker: Paul Lima, CEO of Lima Consulting Group, and then introduced Araceli Guenther, Victrix Global and Temple University.  Guenther reiterated her support of the Ch1l3 brand and showed a video detailing data and facts that back Chile as the most digitally advanced country in Latin America.  Guenther then introduced Paul Lima to give his keynote remarks.

Lima began his address by detailing his extensive experience in the military—he is a prestigious founding member of the cyber branch at the Pentagon. From there, he shared tips with the Chilean Delegation regarding his “5 power plays” which addressed partners, investment, price, intergovernmental relations, and service models.  Lima shared his learnings from his experience working in Brazil and Uruguay, which underpinned the success that can result from nearshoring.

Following Q&A, Cindy Leavitt began her role as moderator for the panel discussion. Panelists included Jorge Corral, Senior Business Development Manager North America, Arkano Software; Jason Garber, Founder & COO, PromptWorks; Andres Munita, Co-Founder and CEO, Kunder; and David Rose, Founder & Partner, Brio Solutions. The panelists were asked to answer questions based on their experiences of working on global teams in the past. One question posed was: “What are some of the key benefits you are seeking in partnering with teams across multiple locations?” Rose answered by saying he looks for more bandwidth and the ability to expand in fields in which his company is not specialized.

As the discussion continued, one of the recurring themes was communication. Several of the questions posed to the panel were answered with an emphasis on the importance of communication. In response to a question about how to “align” a team, Munita answered that the proper use of communication tools was imperative. He said one must not only know when to communicate, but also, what the best method of communication is. There are some problems that can be fixed with a simple phone call, others by email, and then there are those that require in-person meetings. When Garber and Corral were asked about the improvement in emerging technologies and how they can ease communication in global teams, Garber said that when using a service such as Zoom or Skype, great audio and video quality is important. He mentioned that each person should have their own laptop and have headphones connected to that laptop to ensure that they will be heard and seen. Furthermore, he said that “Slack” is a great tool to use as a real time chat during a meeting. In his response, Corral stated that communication is a basis of gaining trust and the new technologies should ease that process, allowing the team to function at a higher capacity.

The CACC would like to thank Paul Lima, Araceli Guenther, the Consulate of Chile in Philadelphia, the members of the tech delegation, esteemed panelists, and all who attended for making the second installment of ChileTech@PHL a resounding success.

Delegation Members:

Jorge Corral– Business Development Manager, Arkano Software

Andrés Munita– CEO and Co-Founder, Kunder

Mauricio Ulloa, Client Manager, Kunder

Javier Balieiro– Manager of New Business and IT Innovation, Zenta

Felipe Ojeda– CEO, Jumpitt Labs

Hernán Sangüeza– Director of Business Consulting – Chile, Nisum Latin America

Juan Pablo Reyes– CEO, Linets

Ignacio Parada– Founder, Magnet


22nd Annual “Friend of Chile” Awards Luncheon Recap

Tuesday, November 26th, 2019

Chilean and American Chamber of Commerce
22nd Annual “Friend of Chile” Awards Luncheon
Wednesday, November 6th, 2019
The Union League of Philadelphia


On Wednesday, November 6th, 2019, members and distinguished guests gathered in the historic Union League of Philadelphia for the Chilean and American Chamber of Commerce (CACC) 22nd Annual “Friend of Chile” Awards Luncheon to honor individuals who have demonstrated great commitment in the trade partnership between Chile and the United States.

As guests arrived, they were welcomed by a wine reception featuring two delicious Chilean wines. Shortly after, guests were asked to take their seats in Lincoln Hall to begin the luncheon and awards ceremony. Leo Holt, of Holt Logistics, was the afternoon’s emcee and was the first to approach the podium. He welcomed everyone to the event and congratulated all attendees for being part of the CACC, one of the most active and dynamic Chilean Chambers of Commerce in the United States. After a short prayer led by Rev. William Rex, Leo came back to the podium. He gave congratulations to Miriam Borja-Fisher of Western Fumigation and Dennis Rochford of the Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay, the two award recipients on the day. He also recognized special guests such as His Excellency Alfonso Silva, Chilean Ambassador to the U.S., Jorge O’Ryan, Director of ProChile, Matías Pinto Pimentel, Trade Commissioner, Karla Martin, Chancellor of the Chilean Consulate in Philadelphia, and members of the USDA. Holt then invited Ambassador Silva to the stage to say a few words.


The Ambassador began his speech by speaking to the mutually beneficial relationship between not just Chile and the United States, but also the relationship between Chile and the Greater Philadelphia region specifically. The fruit trade has provided both regions with thousands of jobs, boosting both economies. Ambassador Silva then transitioned to the current situation in Chile. He projected a calm, confident demeanor in which he stated that Chile is a country “obsessed” with growth. The country still boasts the 2nd highest minimum wage in Latin America as well as one of the lowest unemployment rates in the region. He finished his speech with a strong message: “Keep faith. Democracy will prevail.”

Following the Ambassador’s speech, Holt brought Eric Casey, CEO of GT Wilmington, to the stage to present Dennis Rochford with the Albert S. Marulli Lifetime Achievement Award. Casey said although he has only been working in the area for a little over a year, it is already apparent to him how key Rochford is in the local business.


In his acceptance speech, Rochford mentioned how honored he was to be receiving the award. He also took time to recognize his colleagues at the Maritime Exchange and said he could not have done it without them. Rochford also praised the CACC, stating it is an honor to work with such an outstanding chamber.caccgp_110619-1357

Following Rochford, Holt retook the stage to introduce Carlos Martinez from the USDA. Martinez had some brief remarks regarding the ports in the Philadelphia region and how important they are. He also mentioned that the relationship between the Philadelphia region and Chile is one of mutual benefit.


Next to approach the podium was the Director of ProChile, Jorge O’Ryan. This being his first time in the city of Philadelphia, O’Ryan immediately endeared himself to the crowd as he mentioned he is a fan of the local basketball team, the 76ers. As his speech then transitioned to a more serious note, he, much like the Ambassador, gave confident remarks regarding Chile’s current political situation. O’Ryan stated that he had been in contact with the ports and assured the crowd that the Chilean fruit trade would proceed as normal. He also commented on the importance of the city of Philadelphia for Chile. Not only has the Philadelphia area been home to the fruit trade, but the region has also been one of the best markets for the burgeoning Chilean IT market.

After O’Ryan, Holt quickly returned to invite Kurt Reichert, of Western Fumigation, to present his colleague, Miriam Borja-Fisher with the “Friend of Chile” Award. Reichert mentioned a lot of Borja-Fisher’s accomplishments since joining Western in 2002. He also said she is a friend to many in the room, so it was only fitting that she is receiving the “Friend of Chile” Award.


Borja-Fisher was very grateful to be receiving the award. She thanked Ambassador Silva and Jorge O’Ryan for joining us, as well as her colleagues at Western Fumigation. She also acknowledged her family, thanking them for their constant love and support. Following her acceptance speech, Borja-Fisher, “put her CACC Treasurer hat on” and thanked all of the attendees and wished everyone a safe journey home.


The 22nd Annual “Friend of Chile” Awards Luncheon would not have been possible without the help of its sponsors. The CACC would like to thank Visionary Sponsors, GT Wilmington, Holt Logistics, and Western Fumigation; Presenting Sponsor, PhilaPort; and Corporate Table Sponsors, Dayka & Hackett, Delaware River Stevedores, Diamond State Port Corporation, Dole Fresh Fruit Company , Ecolab, GEODIS USA, J&K Fresh East, Manfredi Cold Storage, Maritime Exchange for the Delaware River and Bay, Sbrocco International, Tastyfrutti, The Pilots’ Association for the Bay and River Delaware, and William H. Kopke, Jr., Inc.

Additionally, the CACC would like to extend its thanks to the Union League of Philadelphia for the outstanding venue and delicious food.

Click here to see more photos from the event, and click here to learn more about our award recipients.