Useful Wesbites

Agrobusiness & Agriculture

Agricultural and Livestock Agency (English)

Office of Agricultural Studies and Policies (Spanish)

The Institute of Agricultural Research (Spanish)

Institute of Agricultural Development that promotes the modernization of small rural agricultural communities (Spanish)

Foundation for Agrarian Innovation (Spanish)

National Irrigation Commission that finances irrigation and drainage projects (Spanish)

National Agriculture Society, the main trade organization of groups companies operating in the agribusiness sector (Spanish)

Chilean Fresh Fruit Portal. The organization is aimed at promoting Chilean fresh fruit in world markets and is joined in its efforts by ASOEX and FEDEFRUTA (English)

Chilean Fruit Producers Federation (Spanish)

Wines of Chile. A guide to Chilean Wines and Wineries (English)

Chilean business committed to serve the needs of the fresh fruit export industry (English)

Chilean Association of Seed Producers (Spanish)

National Association of Industrialized Meat (Spanish)


Business Organizations

Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce (English)

Information about the activities and plans of the British Chamber of Commerce in Chile (English)

Chilean Canadian Chamber of Commerce (Spanish)

Official Chilean Spanish Chamber of Commerce (Spanish)

Chilean German Chamber of Commerce (German)

Chilean French Chamber of Commerce (French)

Chilean Mexican Chamber of Commerce (Spanish)

Chilean Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (Portuguese)

Chilean Italian Chamber of Commerce (Italian)

Santiago Chamber of Commerce & Business Promotion Center (English)

National Chamber of Commerce, Services and Tourism (Spanish)

Confederation of Industry and Trade, the country’s leading business organization formed by the manufacturing, banking, mining, farming, construction and commerce trade associations. (Spanish)

Chilean Federation of Industries. Trade association that represents companies from the manufacturing sector. (Spanish)

Manufactured Goods Exporters Trade Association. It supports exporting companies and provides information to foreign companies and organizations interested in finding partners in Chile. It also coordinates the participation of Chilean companies in international trade affairs and missions abroad. (Spanish)

Chilean Maritime & Ports Chamber. This website includes an overview and general statistics, as well as news, studies, presentations, columns and links of interest. (Spanish)

The web site of Chilean Association of Cargo Transport & Logistics Companies contains activities, bulletins, projects, agreements and associates index, which lists more than 50 local and multinational companies. (Spanish)



National Mining Company. It promotes the development of small and medium-scale mining, by providing the necessary services to facilitate their access to the refined metals market, under competitive conditions. (Spanish)

Chilean Copper Commission (English)

Chilean Steel on-line (English)


State Agencies

Official web site of the Chilean Presidency (Spanish)

Official web site of the Government of Chile

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Spanish)

Ministry of Finance (English)

Ministry of Defense (Spanish)

Ministry of the Interior (Spanish)

Ministry of Economy and Energy (Spanish)

Ministry of Planning & Cooperation (Spanish)

Ministry of Education (Spanish)

Ministry of Justice (Spanish)

Ministry of Labor & Social Security (Spanish)

Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications (Spanish)

Ministry of Public Works (Spanish)

Ministry of Health (Spanish)

Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (Spanish)

Ministry of Agriculture (Spanish)

Ministry of Mining (Spanish)

Ministry of Women’s Affairs (Spanish)

Ministry of Culture, Arts, and Heritage (Spanish)



National Forestry Promotion and Regulatory Agency (Spanish)

National Bureau of Forestry Research (Spanish)

Forestry Union Trade Association (Spanish)


Technology & Science

The Center for Scientific Studies is a private, non-profit making corporation, dedicated to the development, promotion and diffusion of scientific research (English)

National Commission for Scientific and Technological Research (English)

Fundación Chile’s mission is to contribute to market innovation and technology transfer in goods and services in order to add economic value to Chile (English)


Trade & Economics

National Customs Service. Public Agency that plays a leading role within the context of foreign trade (Spanish)

Chile’s Central Bank (English)

Budget Bill for the Public Sector (Spanish)

General Directorate for International Economic Relations (English)

Provides current information on the Santiago Stock Exchange (English)

Foreign Investment Committee (English)

Chilean Economic Development Agency (Spanish)

ProChile is the government’s agency with a commitment to help stimulate and diversify Chilean exports and services. (Spanish)