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An Extraordinary Evening of Global Networking – July 29th, 2015

Monday, August 10th, 2015

The volume of the chatter on the 19th floor of the Hyatt at the Bellevue was a true testament to the networking power between all 14 international organizations involved in the making of the 5th Annual Summer International Business Networking Reception.

5th Annual Summer International Business Networking Reception

For the 5th consecutive year, Philadelphia’s international chambers joined forces to host the much-anticipated International Business Networking Reception on Wednesday, July 29th. Partners of this year’s event included: Asian American Chamber of Commerce; Brazil-Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce, British American Business Council of Greater Philadelphia; Consular Corps Association of Philadelphia; French-American Chamber of Commerce; German American Chamber of Commerce; Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce; Irish American Business Chamber & Network, Inc.; Italy-America Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia; Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia; Mid-Atlantic – Eurasia Business Council; Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce; and Philadelphia-Israel Chamber of Commerce.

5th Annual Summer International Business Networking Reception

The networking reception featured a brief program including welcoming remarks from Robert Palaima, President and Chairman of the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce and also President of one of the Corporate Sponsors of the evening, Delaware River Stevedores, Inc. Tyra Ford, Director of Operations & Strategic Marketing Initiatives from Temple University’s Fox School of Business, addressed the crowd and explained the mission of Fox IB Programs, also a Corporate Sponsor of the reception.

5th Annual Summer International Business Networking Reception

Following was the featured speaker of the evening, Jim Kenney, Philadelphia’s Democratic Mayoral Nominee. Kenney stressed the importance of international business’ key role in the creation of jobs for the unemployed and impoverished here in Philadelphia. Kenney also spoke highly of Chile and the ports within the Greater Philadelphia region: “Chile has been a great source of work for our stevedores, truck drivers and warehouseman… [And with] port expansion, [our city] can provide the opportunity for people without a college degree to be trained for jobs that pay 35-40 dollars an hour and can raise their families and take care of their neighborhoods and raise folks standard of living up.”

5th Annual Summer International Business Networking Reception

Thank you to all attendees, sponsors, and partnering organizations for making the 5th Annual Summer International Business Networking Reception the most successful one yet!

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5th Annual Summer International Business Networking Reception

Taste of Chile’s 10 Year Anniversary Celebrates Feeding the World

Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

10th Annual Experience the Taste of Chile
Click here to view photos from the wine tasting and dinner

A major celebration highlighting the remarkable friendship and international trade contributions between the Republic of Chile and the Tri State Region took center stage at the elegant Hotel du Pont in Wilmington, Delaware. The Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce created an extraordinary testament to this most successful and cordial partnership, celebrating the Chamber’s 10th Anniversary of the Taste of Chile Awards Dinner, honoring the DuPont Company for their enduring connections with Chile.

Governor Jack Markell was on hand to present the Chamber’s Visionary Award to the DuPont Company. “We are so focused on the Port as an economic engine and jobs creator, but this relationship is also a huge jobs creator for so many thousands of people in Chile,” said the Governor. “It is such a win-win situation, they trust us to handle their prized wines and produce, we then enjoy their produce during the winter months and year round. DuPont’s work with Chile dates back to the 1850s. They do business there in mining, agriculture, aquaculture, they have 500 full time employees, plus seasonal employees, four research and development centers plus production facilities. It’s a deep relationship so they are the perfect recipient for this award.”

10th Annual Experience the Taste of Chile

Governor Markell had stellar remarks about the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce.

He also complimented the work of Chile’s Honorary Consul for the Tri-State region, Benjamin Leavenworth, remembering fondly the state visit of Chilean President Michelle Bachelet. He had high praise for Leavenworth’s contributions to that peerless occasion.

DuPont Executive Vice President James C. Collins, Jr. accepted the Visionary Award on behalf of DuPont. Collins discussed the dramatic breakthrough in salmon aquaculture DuPont pioneered along with Aqua Chile. He also spoke of the important role Chile plays in seed production worldwide and their partnership with DuPont. He praised the work of Chile’s scientists and business community. Collins emphasized food security is one of the world’s most pressing issues. “At DuPont we apply our science to bring farmers new seeds and innovative crop protection products that produce better meals, we work with food companies to provide consumers with nutrition, taste and energy. Our celebration tonight is about feeding the world.”

10th Annual Experience the Taste of Chile

The evening’s gourmet menu included DuPont’s Verlasso Salmon, pioneered in Chile. Collins explained the salmon’s development is a venture between DuPont and AquaChile, now one of the largest suppliers of salmon in the Americas. “It’s aimed at changing the sustainability of farm-raised salmon. Today it takes 4 pounds of ocean-caught, feeder-fish to produce one pound of farm raised salmon. So we were able to come up with a yeast that actually produces protein and omega-3 oils. We replace much of the ocean-caught fish with this yeast feed-ration and we are now at one pound of salmon produced from one pound of ocean-caught fish along with the yeast feed. We also worked with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, based in California, a key seafood-watch program, that rates different types of production systems and in most cases they give farm-raised fish a pretty negative mark. The Verlasso Salmon system is one of the only systems that they have certified ‘safe.’ We got that endorsement over a year ago and we’re real proud of that.”

Collins also commented on the remarkable amount of Chile’s fruit and produce coming through the Ports of the Delaware River, saying, “The Chamber has been instrumental in keeping those trade routes open and supporting the local infrastructure that it takes to keep that kind of flow of goods and services into the country.”

10th Annual Experience the Taste of Chile

“This is quite an impressive international story,” said Martin Welch, Chief Operating Officer of Emerging Markets for Aramark, which is one of Chile’s largest employers with a staff of about 23,000 people. “You see the concerted cooperation between Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey all coming together in the interest of this region and the Republic of Chile. All of us are motivated to see how we can encourage more commerce between Chile and our region.”

Vice President of the Diamond State Port Corporation, Tom Keefer was a key player in orchestrating the anniversary event. “For our tenth anniversary, we could not have found a better company to honor than DuPont. They have been long-term investors and partners with the Chileans, especially in the agricultural sector, so we are delighted that they received the Visionary Award. We also need a special note of thanks to Governor Markell who always gives unselfishly of his time and we know he has a very busy schedule, but he always supports the Port tremendously and supports the Chilean & American Chamber whenever he is asked.”

10th Annual Experience the Taste of Chile

Chamber President Bob Palaima said, “We’ve had another wonderful year, culminating with her Excellency, Michelle Bachelet of Chile’s visit to our region, it’s our tenth anniversary for the Taste of Chile Awards. We have three states coming together on behalf of our great friend and trade partner, Chile. We have the remarkable support of the elected officials and business leaders of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and the relations between our two countries are the strongest they’ve ever been.”

“Our sponsors, partners and supporters deserve tremendous credit for their vision,” said Miriam Borja-Fisher, treasurer of the Chilean & American Chamber. “It is thanks to their overwhelming support that we are able to continue the extremely important work of this Chamber.”

Presidential Seal of Approval: Chile’s President Makes State Visit to the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce

Friday, February 27th, 2015


PHILADELPHIA, UNITED STATES — “Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome the President of the Republic of Chile, Her Excellency, Michelle Bachelet.” And with those words the Chilean presidential retinue was led into the Bellevue Stratford ballroom by the Chamber’s President Robert Palaima. This is the first time a sitting Chilean president made an official state visit to the Chamber and she had extraordinary words of praise, encouragement and appreciation.

The unprecedented official state visit was commemorated with a sold-out awards dinner where over three hundred business leaders and guests saw President Bachelet receive the 2015 Friendship Award of the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia. Together, Chile and the Chamber have been major engineers of Chile’s rocketing rise to prominence as a world food supplier. After a hearty and lengthy standing ovation, President Bachelet commended the special fellowship between the Delaware Valley and her country.

“I am so happy to be in the Greater Philadelphia Region, because we have so many important contacts here. Our relationships are fantastic. This award is a great honor for me. We all know of the strong bonds between our countries for so many years and I think they will be even stronger and more productive in the future. …As a child, I lived in the U-S, I went to school here and learned the history of Washington crossing the Delaware. So for me it’s also very symbolic to be here.”

The history of Chile’s success with their partner, the Greater Delaware Valley region, hinges on Chile’s reverse growing season, which, last year, brought in winter and year-round produce of more than 750,000 metric tons (MT), with grapes, apples, blueberries, cherries, citrus fruit and avocados” topping the list, according to Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX) president, Ronald Bown, who was also part of the presidential delegation. In the 1970’s when this highly nutritional import-export effort first began, it was a revolutionary step-up in American food availabilities and profoundly changed the American dining table and cuisines.

President Bachelet had a special message for the Chilean & American Chamber:
“To congratulate them for all their work because many of the results are a product of their work and the job they do. Also to thank them, because thanks to their efforts, we were able to approve the FTA [Free Trade Agreement] of 2004 and now we have eleven years that this trade agreement has been working very well for both countries. As a matter of fact, here in Philadelphia, many of the things we’re doing related to the fruits have not only created new businesses, but also jobs. And that is so important for the Americans. So I would say this is a win-win relationship and we want to enhance it.”

President Bachelet’s award was presented by Martin Welch, Chief Operating Officer for Aramark’s Emerging Markets. Aramark is one of Chile’s largest single employers, creating over 20,000 jobs there. Knowing how long this official state visit was being worked on, Welch observed, “It speaks volumes on President Bachelet’s interest in expanding the partnership between our two countries in promoting commerce and job growth. It’s incredibly beneficial for her to be here, to see what we have here and to exchange information about opportunities in Chile.” Asked about Aramark’s part in rescuing Chile’s trapped miners and the Pennsylvania-led effort through-out all aspects of the rescue, Welch said, “That’s the true test of genuine caring and friendship. Business is more than just a job, it’s how you can have an impact on society and advance the people in a community. It was very gratifying to be able to help in that rescue effort. It was incredible to see all the resources that came out of this region and see how they can be applied to help people in other parts of the world.”


Bachelet’s unprecedented presidential mission to the Chamber throws more high-beam spotlights on the highly acclaimed, extraordinary alliance between the Greater Philadelphia Region and Chile and the jobs they’ve created together: over 100,000 Chilean jobs and some 12,000 jobs in the Delaware Valley.

In the person of Leo Holt, President of Holt Logisitics, we find representation of four generations of the people on the United States’ side of this winning equation. Holt’s grandfather worked with the pioneers of this international success story, the visionary trailblazers like the Kopke’s, Vandenberg’s, Schiro’s, David Del Curto and all the other groundbreaking leaders who irrigated a desert, turned it green, created award-winning grapes and produce and then built the Chilean economic powerhouse from the Copiapó Valley to the Ports of the Delaware River.

“This is not like any other day,” said Holt. “That the president has honored us with a full state visit to Philadelphia and Delaware really signals the importance of the relationship with the tri-state region and Chile. We are four generations with the ‘Chilean Miracle.’ Over 50 years for us as a single company and there are many companies like us, who have managed to feed thousands of people from the opportunities that have come from the Chilean growth. And here at the forums today, we spoke of not only the agricultural growth, mining and fishing but also of healthcare, science innovation, really electric opportunities for the people of the Delaware Valley to continue to grow along with the people of Chile.”

The Delaware Valley leads the way bringing in about 70% of all of Chile’s fruits and produce. The remaining 30% is split between ports in Los Angeles, Long Beach and Miami.

During her whirlwind tour this past Tuesday, President Bachelet visited the Port of Wilmington, her countryman Roberto Diaz who directs the world famous Curtis Institute of Music, was featured at a business forum chaired by Leo Holt and then on to the Bellevue, escorted by Chile’s Consul for the Tri-State area, Benjamin Leavenworth. “CACC Executive Director Ricardo Maldonado and I worked on this for years,” said Leavenworth. “This is a great victory for our region, for Chile. It’s proof of our powerful and very special relationship with this very special country.”

Miriam Borja-Fisher of Western Industries said, “This visit is crucial for President Bachelet and for the Delaware Valley. Seeing our contributions to her country in person is so very important and we’re ecstatic that’s she’s here. She said in her speech, that our partnerships are going to achieve even more. Chile and Philly – perfect together.”

Years in the making, outgoing CACC Executive Director Ricardo Maldonado helped put the machinery in motion to make the Bachelet presidential state visit a reality. Chamber President Robert Palaima said, “It’s wonderful that Ricardo is moving forward with his career New York, but I am sad, for myself, to see him go. Over the years I’ve come to depend on Ricardo’s leadership, energy and organization skills, so it’s going to be a big loss for us. Tonight’s presidential visit is a culmination of all that he and the Chamber have worked toward and achieved.”

by Wynne Alexander


A Conversation with the President of Chile, Michelle Bachelet

Friday, February 27th, 2015

Presented by the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce
January 20, 2015
Hyatt at the Bellevue

Aramark and Oppenheimer Group Take Top Honors by the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

By Wynne Alexander, Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce

After a string of stellar successes, The Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce (CACC) managed to scale new heights, presenting one of its most powerful and internationally connected awards ceremonies.

This year’s celebration at the Bellevue Hyatt crystalized the Chamber’s mission, spotlighting business superstars Aramark and the Oppenheimer Group, coupled with an outpouring of hearty congratulations from over 300 movers and shakers from the maritime, diplomatic and business sectors, attending the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce 2014 Friend of Chile Awards ceremonies.

“CACC and the entire community of those involved with the enriching interchange between Chile and the United States are indeed fortunate to hold up Marty Welch and John Anderson as their guests of honor this year,” said Leo A. Holt, President of Holt Logistics Corp. “Their accomplishments and respective areas of excellence within their unique industries are widely celebrated. Their commitment to Chile and business excellence made their election choice an easy one.”

Visionary business leader John Anderson, President, Chairman and CEO of The Oppenheimer Group received the Chamber’s Lifetime Achievement Award. For almost forty years, John Anderson’s finely-honed business instincts have left an indelible mark on a global industry, while building ‘Oppy’ into one of Canada’s strongest and most successful produce-marketing enterprises. The Oppenheimer Group currently utilizes all four major facilities on the Delaware River: Holt Terminal in Gloucester City, New Jersey; Tioga Marine Terminal and Packer Avenue Marine Terminal in Philadelphia, and the Port of Wilmington, Delaware, importing an assortment of fruits and berries. In a typical year, the Oppenheimer Group brings 4.5 to 5 million cartons of Chilean produce through the Ports of the Delaware River.

“It is truly an honor to be personally recognized in this way, though much of the credit must be given to the strong working relationships built over many years between The Oppenheimer Group locally and the network of service providers that have long supported and grown with the Chilean industry along the Delaware River,” said John Anderson, Chairman and CEO of The Oppenheimer Group.

The Friend of Chile Award went to Aramark and was received by their dynamic Chief Operating Officer of Emerging Markets, Martin Welch, accepting the award on behalf of his entire team at the company. Welch is one of the leaders responsible for helping expand the global frontiers of Philadelphia’s international powerhouse. Aramark has operated in Chile for the past 13 years. With headquarters in Santiago, Chile and approximately 20,000 employees in the country, the company is the largest employer in Chile, serving the country’s mining, education, healthcare and business and industry sectors. Through its Chilean operations, Aramark also serves customers in Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

Welch’s 32 years with Aramark gives him an engaging ease and eloquence in discussing his team’s achievements, especially Aramark’s role in the life-saving rescue of the 33 Chilean miners, who were trapped over 700 yards underground for the 68 days it took to rescue them. Normally it was not thought anyone could survive that amount of time in a collapsed mine. “We were contacted,” Welch said, “and our legal department was concerned about liabilities and this is where the spirit of our people came shining through. We said we’re not going to worry about that. We’re going to bring our people together to get food and nutrition down there to those people and make them as comfortable as possible. That’s the spirit of Aramark. It’s always about what you can do for the community, here and worldwide.”

Aramark’s President for Latin American Operations Pablo Achurra was in town for the ceremonies and also represented the company at the White House, receiving appreciation and congratulations from the Obama administration for Aramark’s life-saving engineering success in feeding the Chilean miners.

“We were called in by Chile’s Association of Safety, Achurra said, “the mine was not our client.” The Association said, ‘can you figure out how to get food to those miners?’ We said, ‘Yes we can.’” Aramark then rigged up special tubes and designed a way to get hot meals to the men, keeping them alive and very well fed for 68 days. Except for the last days, when the miners had to fit into the recue tubes that would propel them to safety. Achurra says Aramark worked with NASA to calculate the calories needed to keep them safe but small enough to fit in the extremely tight rescue capsule for the almost half mile ride through rock to actual daylight.

“The Chilean rescue story is what our relationship with Chile is all about,” said CACC Executive Director, Ricardo Maldonado. “We succeed together; from our mutual economic growth, to the mine rescue, all the way back to helping Chile irrigate the desert that gives us some of the best grapes and produce in the world. One achievement after another show we can count on each other and together, the world can count on us to succeed.”

Pennsylvania’s Lieutenant Governor-elect, Mike Stack summed it all up quite neatly:
“This is the number-one international chamber in the world. Our sister nation is the Republic of Chile and people don’t know what a world-class, warm, important relationship we have and how much economic activity takes place between our two nations along the Delaware River. We in this room know it. We need to talk about it more. This team has great success from the Delaware River to Santiago. Look at this awards lunch, it’s always packed, always sold-out and it’s a story we need to continue to tell and we’re gonna’ do it.”

17th Annual Friend of Chile Awards Luncheon

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

Wine & Tech: Connecting the Information Technology Business Community

Monday, September 8th, 2014

Chilean Wine Tasting & a Network of Opportunities

Wednesday, October 22, 2014
5:00 – 7:00pm
Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
200 South Broad Street, Suite 700
Philadelphia, PA 19102

Click Here for Free Registration
There is no charge for members to attend; however, attendance is limited and reservations are required.

The information technology industry is constructing a new research and development hub for software and web development and design: Santiago, Chile. This leading Latin American city has attributes that have made emerging markets attractive to outsourcing companies, such as dependable, state-of-the-art infrastructure; quality services at competitive prices; and government incentives. While Chile’s small labor force may hinder its rise, the country also boasts an outsized pool of highly educated computer engineers, developers, and designers, and a time zone and culture similar to the U.S.

On the evening of Wednesday, October 22, join your IT colleagues from across the Greater Philadelphia region to not only experience the best of the wines of Chile, but to meet and network with those who have contributed to Chile’s groundbreaking leadership of information technology in Latin America.

Special Guests:

Martin Lewit
CEO, Ki Teknology

Sajid Mohamedy
Senior Director, Corporate Strategy & Business Development, Nisum Technologies

Mike Sadowski
CEO, CayugaSoft Technologies

Juan Claudio Lopez
Country Manager Chile, Reign Design

Marybeth Bentwood
Executive Director USA, Wines of Chile

To learn more about this program, please contact Ricardo Maldonado at 215-790-3769 or [email protected]

Presented by:
Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce

An Affiliate of:
Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

In Partnership with:
Government of Chile
Wines of Chile

Sponsored by:
Ki Technology
NIsum Technologies
Reign Design

2014 Annual Fall Workshop

Monday, August 18th, 2014


Save the Date

Thursday, October 30th, 2014

8:00-9:00 a.m. Tour of the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market
9:00-11:00 a.m. Program

Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market
6700 Essington Ave., J-232
Philadelphia, PA 19153

Click here to register

Join colleagues, port representatives, and government officials to participate in an interactive experience reviewing the trade, technical, legal, regulatory and business issues affecting the import of Chilean fresh fruit into the Delaware River Region.


Tom Mastromarco, Holt Logistics


Kim Campbell, Investigator, Food and Drug Administration – Philadelphia Investigations Branch

Joanne Coughlin, US Customs & Border Protection

Todd Edelschein, US Customs & Border Protection

John Ercolani, SVP, J&K Fresh

Edward Fitzgerald, Philadelphia Import Operations, OHL International

Bill Madara, Eastern Operations Branch Chief, USDA Agricultural Marketing Services – Specialty Crops Inspection Division

Susan Stranieri, Area Port Director, Philadelphia Customs & Border Protector
For speaking and sponsorship opportunities, please contact Ricardo Maldonado at 215-790-3627 or [email protected]

To learn more about the Philadelphia Wholesale Produce Market please click here

Full to Capacity Crowd Spotlights Philadelphia’s International Presence

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

Philadelphia’s status as an international city on the move was completely in evidence at the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce Summer Reception at the Hyatt Bellevue in downtown Philadelphia. For the fourth consecutive year, the Chamber’s sold-out mid-summer event brought together the region’s bi-lateral chambers of commerce and consular corps to discuss the area’s economic growth and plans for continued progress.

Click here to see the photos from the reception

The masters of ceremonies were Larry Antonucci, president of J & K Fresh East [a division of 721 Logistics] and Ship Philly First and James Wujcik, vice president of business banking for Santander Bank. Antonucci announced details of Ship Philly’s recent trip to Vera Cruz, Mexico, spearheading direct ocean service from Vera Cruz to the Port of Philadelphia. “We are enhancing that great economic engine – the Port of Philadelphia. With direct ocean service, we override the need for trucks and air travel costs, reducing the carbon foot print while creating more jobs in Philadelphia.” The successful delegation included Mexican Consul of Philadelphia, Carlos Giralt and the Chamber’s Miriam Borja-Fisher of Western Industries. Their extremely warm reception gave the group great hope that the current $10 billion in bilateral trade between Mexico and Pennsylvania will be going up in the very near future. Jim Wujcik of Santander Bank said, “With fifteen thousand branches around the world including here in the Delaware Valley, we know the realities and benefits of global mobility.” Wujcik then introduced the evening’s featured speaker, Alan Greenberger, Philadelphia’s dynamic Deputy Mayor for Economic Development.

Greenberger regaled the crowd with his amiable and gently authoritative detailing of all the many ways Philadelphia has become a top U.S. destination for foreign direct investment and commercial trade. He noted the Chilean Chamber attracted a wide range of supporting sponsors and attendees from the banking, maritime, business, legal, diplomatic, education and government sectors.

Greenberger said the communities attending the event are on the cutting edge of Philadelphia’s auspicious, multi-national initiatives. “If you want to be economically healthy in the 21st century – you have to be an international city and we have so many selling points here,” he said. “The Port of Philadelphia is on course for the fifth consecutive year of double digit cargo growth, world class research and educational institutions, the number of jobs in the city is the highest it’s been in eleven years and there is a flood of start-up businesses now operating here.” Greenberger has logged about 50, 000 miles of travel selling Philadelphia to the world. “We are so well received everywhere we go. This is why you go. You can’t sit at home and wait. You have to look people in the eye and say this is our story and here’s what we can do together.”

Also in attendance was the man responsible for expanding Philly’s powerhouse multi-national Aramark’s global frontiers. Martin Welch is Aramark’s chief operating officer for emerging markets.

Mr. Welch: does Philadelphia’s commercial future and strength rest in its international footprint? “Business today is global – all great cities must be able to attract global companies and talent,” said Welch. “Having an International footprint not only creates employment opportunities for citizens, it provides a diverse and vibrant commercial environment that spurs innovation and creativity that fuels further economic and commercial development.”

There was such a wide array of the Tri-State area’s business constellation at the Bellevue, what does this say about Philadelphia, Aramark and the Chilean Chamber? “The diverse and active participation and cooperation of multiple chambers uniquely positions the city and region to be an aggressive advocate supporting the development of business,” Welch said. “This collaborative approach creates an exciting dynamic that is very powerful in attracting business and jobs. The Chilean Chamber has done an outstanding job in bringing together likeminded partners to support the development of international business in the city. Aramark is in the customer service and people business globally where ever people learn, work, play and recover. Our more than 270,000 employees deliver experiences that enrich and nourish the lives of millions of people through our offerings in food, facilities and uniform services in 22 countries around the world every day. The team at Aramark recognizes the critical role that an international portfolio provides to the overall success of the company and the importance of delivering excellence to markets outside the U.S.”

These great conversations fueled an evening of vital business information and new perspectives, made possible by the long reach and expanding influence of the Chilean & American Chamber and its business partners.

Latin America 2014: Economic, Business & Trade Forecast Panel Discussion

Monday, February 3rd, 2014