Two Regional Companies Aid in Chilean Miners' Rescue

Dear Members and Friends,

Great news! Early this morning, Wednesday, October 13, 2010 the rescues began to lift the Chilean miners who have been trapped underground to the surface. Nearly 70 days after the mine’s collapse, the men are being rescued at a rate of approximately one miner per hour to ensure the safety of all. The Chilean and American Chamber of Commerce would like to recognize the tremendous strength of the people and government of Chile during these times of distress, and is proud to highlight the ties between the Greater Philadelphia region and Chile that have been an essential part of bringing the 33 miners to safety.

Although the rescue efforts are finally reaping tangible results and families are getting to embrace their loved ones after an extended wait, the planning process for the rescue has been ongoing since day one of the collapse. Using a drill bit manufactured by Center Rock, Inc., a Somerset County, PA firm, drilling rigs built by Schramm Inc., of West Chester, PA, have been largely responsible for reaching the miners to supply them with food and continually expanding the pilot holes, ultimately resulting in a 28-inch wide hold large enough to lift the miners through today. The initial rescue date predicted was in late December, but due to the dedication and hard work of all involved, the miners have been reunited with their friends and families two months ahead of time.

Please join us in celebrating this wonderful news and continue to keep the miners’ health in your thoughts.


The Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia

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