Spotlight Series: Alexander Grabois of ProChile Philadelphia

Alexander Grabois
Trade Representative, ProChile Philadelphia


CACC: Why is this new Philadelphia commercial office important to ProChile?

Alexander Grabois (A.G.): Greater Philadelphia has long been a key market for Chile and an important trade partner; primarily due to the area being the main port of entry for Chilean fruits for the East Coast. However, in recent years, like Philadelphia, Chile has made important strides and efforts to increase the visibility of trade of value-added products and services. This allows for Chile to continue its mission of promoting exports while also highlighting the diversity, quality and innovative nature of our companies, across all sectors.

In the past, ProChile had been covered remotely, from our Washington DC office, for which being physically present in Philadelphia will make a great difference in providing continuity and support to Philadelphia area companies.

CACC: What are some projects or initiatives you are looking forward to working on in Philadelphia?

A.G.: Among a great list of priorities and plans, it is certainly a top priority to continue our work within the fresh fruit industry and maintain Chile´s presence in the market. ProChile is the primary contact for any trade needs, for which I am looking forward to working directly with everybody on these matters and furthering efforts to benefit the bilateral economic relationship of Chile and Greater Philadelphia.

In November 2019, ProChile was fortunate enough to work on and sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the CACC and the City of Philadelphia, which aims to further strengthen the relationship between Chile and Philadelphia, while also focusing on promoting Philadelphia as a destination for Chilean IT providers. It will be very exciting to continue this work and grow the reach of this agreement so that we can expand and diversify efforts to further promote Greater Philadelphia as a key market for Chile and to promote all that Chile has to offer.

As is the case with most agencies and companies around the world, ProChile has needed to innovate and adapt to the new norm as a result of COVID-19. This has led for our institution to transition to virtual events and initiatives. An example of this is the inaugural version of “ChileConnected, Get Closer to the Source”, a fully virtual B2B matchmaking event that runs from October 19-November 20, with sector specific panels and matchmaking opportunities with Chilean producers of healthy food and beverages, technology and innovation, and creative industries.

CACC: What makes the CACC a valuable partner to you in your role at ProChile?

A.G.: The CACC has been an important ally for our organization, particularly due to their proactivity and constant willingness to work with us and for the greater mission of benefitting relationships between Chile and Greater Philadelphia. We are very excited to continue to work closely with the Chamber and its members in furthering the presence of Chile in the region and building upon the existing partnership and collaboration.

CACC: What is one thing you would like the CACC Network to know about Chile?

A.G.: While Chile has gained positive recognition due to our wines and fruits, I would also like to introduce CACC members and the Greater Philadelphia region to the diversity of what Chile can offer to the US market. Among other products, I can highlight important strides made in the production of food and beverage products that incorporate innovation and technologies, which help meet the sophisticated demands of the US consumers. An example of innovation in the food and beverage sector is NotCo, which produces a line of vegetable-based products, while using an algorithm that can replicate recognizable flavors in healthier formats. Chile has also used innovation and technology as a tool to help solve global issues, a key success case being GenoSur, who provides portable and easy to use COVID-19 tests, and Cornershop, an e-commerce app that allows users to purchase products from a group of affiliated stores and have the products delivered to their doorsteps. All three of the aforementioned companies have been success cases in terms of their US market entry and ability to raise capital in the US; and continually work to expand their presence in the United States. We have so much to offer to consumers and buyers and it is a key aspect of my role to promote these innovative products. I am very much looking forward to speaking and discussing more about Chile and its diverse economy.

Sending our thanks and best wishes to Alexander for his move to Philadelphia!

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