Spotlight Series: Joe Fox of Philaport

Joe Fox, Marketing Manager, PhilaPort 


CACC: How did you start in Chilean produce imports? 

Joe Fox (J.F.): I actually saw a help wanted ad in the newspaper. Starting in the Fall of ’91 at Unifrutti (now Tastyfrutti), I oversaw both the East and West Coast ports as an operations supervisor. This involved managing the terminal port of discharge, fumigation, USDA inspections, quality control, distribution warehousing, and trucking distribution. During this time, I worked with a lot of the growers and agronomists in Chile and learned the technical aspects of the produce business. Back then, CSAV Lines was calling the Tioga Marine Terminal, and working with them also taught me about the ocean transport side of fruit imports.

CACC: What did your work at Hamburg Sud teach you about trade with Chile? 

J.F.: When I started there in ’97, the company was still known as Columbus Line. I worked for Victor Federici, Steve George, and John Dolan, who all taught me a lot about the container liner industry. I was there as the business was switching from breakbulk to containers. It was a time of real growth for the West Coast of South America trades. I got to meet many of the importers; people I shared space with on the docks. Working with them on logistics issues, we became close personally and professionally.

CACC: As a PhilaPort Marketing Manager, how do you effect trade between the Port and Chile?

J.F.: My experience from these previous jobs, plus my network of contacts, allow me to support Chile’s trade with Philadelphia. Here in the Marketing Department, we communicate regularly with Chilean growers, US importers, and the ocean carriers. We provide information to everyone in the supply chain, including the freight forwarders, warehouse companies and truckers. We give them market overviews, presentations, statistics, marketing materials, advice, and contacts. We recently spoke with agriculture officials from the Chilean Embassy in Washington, DC about the latest trade developments in Chile and Philadelphia. We maintain our relationships with the growers during PMA and other produce industry events. Over the years I have come to really care about Chile and its people, so it is good to help build bridges between the two cultures.

CACC: How does the CACC support your work, and the mission of PhilaPort?

J.F.: The mission of the Chamber fits well with one of our main goals at the Port:  to grow trade between Chile and Philadelphia. CACC brings all the key players together to network and knowledge share. The Chamber is an important voice of the industry as we fight protectionism and communicate with regulators. It lets us know important trends in the trade. And it holds some wonderful events so everyone can get to know each other. PhilaPort is investing a lot of money in infrastructure, and that will help grow trade with Chile, so this is an exciting time for the Chile – Philadelphia relationship. The Chamber is an essential element of that relationship.

The Delaware River is already dominant for Chilean produce imports.  Going forward, I would also like to work with the Chamber to grow our trade in forest products, seafood, metals, and more.

Thank you to Joe and PhilaPort Marketing for participating in this edition of the CACC Spotlight Series!

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