The Sister Chambers Agreement will establish a new level of partnership between the state of Pennsylvania and Chile and will create jobs and promote mutual business growth.

A history-making agreement was signed yesterday, Tuesday, July 16, between the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia (CACCGP), the Chilean-American Chamber of Commerce of Chile (AMCHAM) and the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.

The signed Sister Chambers Agreement will establish a new level of partnership between the Greater Philadelphia region and Chile and will create jobs and promote mutual business growth.

As the Chilean economy continues to grow, the country is seeking energy sources more reliable and plentiful than its hydroelectric and mostly imported fossil fuels. Government officials and businessmen in Chile have shown a keen interest in Pennsylvania’s natural gas. The agreement calls for the exchange of legal, financial and economic information that will enhance the business relationship between Pennsylvania and Chilean companies. It also provides opportunities for businesses to participate in fairs and exhibitions in Santiago and Pennsylvania.

“This agreement is the culmination of decades of sincere friendship and extraordinary business success between the Republic of Chile and the Greater Philadelphia region,” CACCGP Executive Director Ricardo Maldonado said. “From this agreement, new initiatives will bring even greater prosperity to the business communities of our two countries.”

“The success of Pennsylvania is a testament to a vibrant business culture, a public sector vision with a view towards long term sustainability and strong public-private partnerships,” said Kathleen Barclay, President of the Chilean & American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham Chile). “Our business mission is composed of Chilean energy sector leaders and is tasked with the objective of identifying trade and investment opportunities, as well as learning from the innovative and successful experience of the state in the energy sector. We look forward to strengthening our ties with both Pennsylvania and its business community during our visit.”

In April 2013, the CACCGP joined Tom Corbett, Governor of Pennsylvania, on a trade mission to Chile. The CACCGP took part in a series of high level meetings which will result in expanded connections and maximized opportunities between its members and their Chilean counterparts.

Innovative, highly successful meetings were held between the CACCGP and Chile’s President Sebastián Piñera, the Minister of Mines, the Republic’s top business leaders, the Santiago Chamber of Commerce, members of the United States Embassy, Federation of Industry of Chile (SOFOFA), AMCHAM, Pro Chile and Wines of Chile. These trail-blazing meetings were held to create the highest priority status for CACCGP members along all the avenues of business power in Chile.

“I led a Jobs First Mission this spring to South America to open new ventures for economic growth and job creation while further solidifying our trade relationship,” said Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett. “We returned from the mission less than three months ago and we are already seeing positive results. The partnership formed today between these highly regarded chambers of commerce will enhance trade and promote mutual investment in both Pennsylvania and Chile.”

In addition, the CACCGP signed an agreement of understanding with the Santiago Chamber of Commerce that increases CACCGP members’ ability to expand the depth of horizons for trade between the U.S. and Chile, giving CACCGP members an even greater presence in Chile’s agribusiness, mining, information technology, energy, and bio-technology industries.

Last month, fresh from that rewarding mission, CACCGP members stood on the docks of the Delaware River with Chile’s Minister of Agriculture and received a delegation from the Chilean fresh produce industry with the purpose of strengthening the commercial trade relationship between Chile and the ports along the Delaware River. Today, the Delaware River receives 52 percent of total fruit exports from Chile to the US. Looking only at the fruit sector, the value of shipments from Chile to the Delaware Ports increased from approximately $189,300,000 in 1989 to $801,018,000 in 2010. The total value of all imports from Chile into the Delaware River Ports rose from $192,020,000 in 1989 to $966,330,000 in 2010.



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