Why Chile?

Chile Is One of the Best Countries in the World to Do Business

why chile


According to the prestigious Forbes magazine, Chile is ranked 30th in the worldwide “Best Countries for Business” ranking, and first among Latin American countries.

Marked by its high foreign trade level and good reputation in terms of its strong financial institutions and policies, Chile took 1st place in the 2015 Latin America ranking of the best countries for doing business, according to Forbes.

Chile’s economic and investment conditions have been crucial in the making of the best evaluated economy in the continent according to the study that highlights the best countries to do business in. The American publication evaluated 144 countries in the categories of property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, freedom (personal and monetary), bureaucracy, investment protection and stock market. Meanwhile, the data was obtained from institutions related to each factor to be considered, including the Heritage Foundation, Freedom House, World Economic Forum, the World Bank and International Transparency, among other organizations.

Chile is internationally famed for having one of the most stable economies within Latin America. It’s for this reason that foreign investors have raced to the country and to make the most of its entrepreneurial atmosphere and innovation-friendly national market.


1. Chile is a key source of healthy food for the U.S. market and the world

• Chile is the number one exporter of table grapes and blueberries in the world • Exports in Chilean salmon are valued at over $4.3 billion  • Chile’s growth season runs counter to the U.S. season, so Chile can supply fresh summer foods during the U.S. winter • Chile is the number 1 or 2 exporter in many categories of foods, including berries

2. Foods from Chile come from a pristine and privileged environment that enables bountiful crops of healthful products

• Chile’s natural environment, the Andes mountains, Atacama desert, Pacific Ocean and Patagonian glaciers create natural barriers that protect the land from insects, disease, and climate damage  • Chile’s wide range of climates and rich, nourishing soils are ideal for the growth of dozens of food sectors • Chile benefits from having a wonderfully clean source of water with large reserves of ice off its Southern region • Chile has a native heritage of respecting soils as a source of life •

3. Chile’s dynamic and modern industry presents unparalleled quality assurances

• The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Food Security Index 2016 ranks Chile  in 1st place in Latin America for food security and 24th out of 113 index countries • International treaties and trade arrangements with the US, Asia and EU ensure that Chile complies with high standards of production, packaging and logistics – and the country continues to strengthen the certification levels required of Chilean food producers  • Chile joined the OECD as its 31st member in 2009 •



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