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Chile’s ideal location and experience in the industry have allowed the country to become a worldwide leader in mining.  Chile is host to 29% of the world’s copper reserves, as well as 16% and 15% of the world’s molybdenum and silver reserves respectively.

A mature and stable market, Chile has achieved a respectable reputation for its transparency and human capital. Chile currently exports technology mining services to 37 markets around the world with USA, Mexico, and Peru among its most vital destinations.

Food Industry

The country’s diverse set of climates enable the country to produce and export a wide variety of healthy foods to markets  across the planet.  With Chile’s prestigious global network, producers are able to access 64% of  world market consumers.  Chile is among the 15 largest agricultural exporters in the world and leads all other nations in exports in blueberries, cherries, grapes, prunes, and more.


There is no place in the world with better conditions for solar energy production than Chile. With the highest levels of solar radiation on the planet, Chile ranks first in regional rankings for solar energy generation.  Additionally, Chile currently ranks second for renewable energy investment around the world.

In the beginning of 2016, Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile, signed off on a new energy strategy, which sets a goal of generating 70% of national electricity generation from renewable sources by 2050.

The new mission, titled “Energy 2050,” was signed by President Bachelet and other top members of the Chilean government, including Minister of Energy Maximo Pacheco and Interior Minister Jorge Burgos.



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